Stencil Hire

REDESIGNS is one of the first companies in SA to have this service available. 

How it works; (our T&C's)

1. Choose your design

You choose the stencil design you would like to rent/hire. 

2. Check-out

Add the stencil to your cart and check out. The hire fee will be the full price indicated when checking out.

3. Return the stencil to our store; 

Return the stencil to our store, either in person or via courier (on your cost).

Stencil must be clean and in original packaging when returning. 

Oncee returned, the quality of the stencil will be checked and a return amount (determined by the descression of REDESIGNS) of 0-90% voucher will be made out to you- spendable online or in our store. 

EG. You choose a lace Stencil; Price: R150.

Step 2; You add this to your cart (add the shipping address; or collection note)

Step3; You receive, use, clean and return the stencil to REDESIGNS.

REDESIGNS will determine the state of the stencil returned and determine the amount returned to you. 

Step 4; You will be receive a voucher via email, or sms of the amount returnable. 

If in good state you will receive 90% back, in this case R135 in voucher form that you can spend instore or online (or on a hiring another stencil). 

*NOTE: Should you fall inlove with the stencil you hired, please notify us and you get to keep it =). 

Stencils to hire